About these adorable string lights (and a NBD view)… Feeling so inspired. ❤️

fish scale backsplash

Front elevation of conceptual house plan 1467.

Original Botanic Drawing by Kristi Cavett Jones | Impressionism Art on Paper | S…#art #botanic #cavett #drawing #impressionism #jones

Entertaining Under the Stars | Cozy Boho Outdoor Spaces | Boho Backyard | Boho Home Decor Inspiration | Wonder Forest

The garden can be divided into two equal areas by the garden path. Some find this design rather boring, but it is very suitable for a minimalist architecture. Cleverly placed arches, pergolas, water features and walls provide exciting perspectives. If you want to create a particularly interesting eye-catcher, let the path also run through a pond or large fountain. Atmospheric surfaces that give the garden texture and character are in … #Amazing


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